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Nerissa Zhang is co-founder and CEO of The Bright App, the world's leading platform for LIVE 1-on-1 personal training over 2-way video chat. Zhang is an elite trainer, a USAW Certified Sports Performance Coach and an owner of two private gyms in San Francisco.

In 2019, she used her decade of experience training clients and managing multiple gyms and launched The Bright App initially to solve the industry’s time-consuming challenges and inefficiencies in scheduling and billing, and later expanded The Bright App to a turnkey solution for trainers to train and manage remote clients. Our clients get the full benefit of accountability, consistency and fitness outcomes of personal training, while enjoying more convenience at 50% lower cost compared to the same training at commercial gyms – anywhere in the world. We offer our services to companies as a premium wellness benefit for the modern, health-conscious & tech-enabled workforce.

October 25, 2022

Ep. 57 The Bright Idea Behind The Bright App with Nerissa Zhang

In the world of personal fitness training, the excuses for not following through are many - until now. Hear how The Bright App, the world’s leading platform for live, one-on-one personal fitness training over Zoom, solves all the problems.