The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce is a vibrant and dynamic organization that exists to serve the needs of everyone who lives, works, visits and plays in Carlsbad.  We are the chief cheerleaders of our great town!

We focus on economic development and bring the community together through the many events we organize.  These events not only raise the profile of the businesses who participate in and sponsor them, but also act as fundraisers to support charities and other non-profits in the area.

So…how will a podcast best serve the Chamber and the Carlsbad community today?  

Well, it’s all about the Chamber’s IMPACT…as an economic catalyst, as a convener/coordinator within the community and as a champion of the community.  The podcast will help us discover: who are the agents of impact in Carlsbad?  Who are the people you ought to know?  Who are the change agents, making things happen in our area?  

Podcast audiences love to hear real, honest and authentic stories of people willing to open up about their lives and businesses.  Truth is, most people are not 100% successful, so a podcast that enables people to share their story, their ups and downs, and does so from an authentic/vulnerable place, will give the audience an invitation and opportunity to build a long-lasting and trusted relationship with the Chamber.

Podcast audiences like to learn more about other people.  They want to identify with them…what’s worked for them, and what’s been hard for them.  And they definitely want to see them beyond their job titles.  Therefore, a down-to-earth forum, where we get to know fellow Carlsbadians in a transparent and authentic way, that is fun, informative, and offers the opportunity for help and outreach in the community is the foundation of the Chamber’s podcast.

Title: Carlsbad: People, Purpose and Impact
Subtitle: How the Carlsbad Chamber Champions our Community

Show description (short):  An essential podcast for those who live, work, visit and play in Carlsbad.
Show description (long):  The Carlsbad Chamber Podcast is a podcast dedicated to connecting San Diego North County leaders in business, education and civic engagement.  Join us every week as we talk with people dedicated to all aspects of our quality of life and are dedicated to leaving a lasting impact.

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