Kolan & Lupe Hairston


Kolan Hairston - From Atlanta, played football for Auburn, flew KC-130's in the Marine Corp, left the Marine Corp to live the American Dream "Of Owning your own business"

Lupe Hairston - From Sacramento, youngest of 8 kids. 4 born in Mexico 4 born in Sacramento. Worked for Delta as a Flight Attendant for 16 years prior to owning Freedom Window Cleaning Left Delta to join Kolan in "living the American Dream"

Kolan and Lupe have worked together for 18 years. Serving the good citizens of San Diego by way of window cleaning and pressure washing.

March 07, 2023

Ep. 73 Brighter Windows, Brighter Future - The Freedom Window Cleaning Story

Freedom Window Cleaning enjoys a spotless reputation, and with good reason. Lupe and Kolan Hairston’s team clean with pride and add new life to your windows.