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Crystal Lynn Privett

CEO / 5 Time Best Selling Author/ Single Mom

Crystal Lynn Privett is a world renowned subconscious reprogramming expert, energy psychologist, five time best selling author and keynote speaker. Her passion and purpose is to help men, women, teens and businesses to grow their brains with their mind for ultimate success.

Teaching others how to build new neurological pathways to think, feel, act and react in a more positive manner so they can live their purpose daily.

Identifying what is holding clients back then removing the emotional blocks and replacing them with empowering and supportive beliefs that bring them harmony and happiness in all that they do fuels her.

Are you ready to let go of the pain of the past? That is Crystal’s specialty!

Enhance your life by upgrading your mindset and turning your pain into power, your trauma into triumph and your stress into success!

Mindset Service is an award winning company that is dedicated to supporting you in a gentle and science proven process to improve your relationships, health, finances, and perceptions to the most optimal outcomes with joy.

All of the answers you need are already within you, and by growing your brain with your mind you are able to unlock an infinite well of positive energy and answers within you.

From training businesses like Microsoft to couples and families… we can all benefit from updating our mental programs to spark radical transformation.

Master Your Mind & Conquer The World.

May 09, 2023

Ep. 82 Rewiring Your Reality: Unleashing Your Best Life with Crystal Lynn Privett

Crystal Lynn Privett empowers people to live their greatest lives by building new neurological pathways in their brains and changing their mental narratives.