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Chris Kydd

Human Being / Publisher/ Dad / Entrepreneur

Raised in Encinitas, Chris Kydd is a passionate local focused on building connections in the community. Through his work as Associate Publisher for the Coast News, Chris is able to give a voice to the voiceless, promote non-profits and their work, as well as bring together local business and residents through advertising campaigns. During his 20 years with the Coast News he's been an advocate for truth and a defender of traditional values such as the respect, honesty, and fairness. He also recently started helping home-owners save money by going solar.
Chris loves to volunteer for local events to stay connected to the pulse of the community. When he's not at home with his wife Ivonne and two daughters Luna (10) and Melany (15), Chris can be found picking up trash in downtown Encinitas on his way to get a beer with friends, or watching the waves from the stairs at D-Street. He also enjoys playing pool with his father Jim Kydd on Sundays, and gardening at his home in San Marcos.

January 24, 2023

Ep. 67 The Coast News: A Commitment to Cover the News That Matters to You

Associate Publisher Chris Kydd gives the inside scoop on The Coast News, from its colorful history and commitment to our community, to its brave new future.