Ep. 24 Creating Experiences Worth Sharing feat. with Tim Stripe

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SEO Description: In this episode, Tim Stripe, the co-president and co-founder of Grand Pacific Resorts, talks about the company, their mission, and the changes in the hospitality industry.

In this episode of the Carlsbad People, Purpose, and Impact Podcast, co-president and co-founder of Grand Pacific Resorts, Tim Stripe, talks with Bret Schanzenbach. As a former CPA, Tim was uniquely positioned to help design and build the company alongside his business partner, David Brown.

Tim is a California native, a hospitality industry expert, and a people-focused leader. He discusses how he and David started Grand Pacific Resorts, the various branches of the company, the ever-changing clientele in the hospitality industry, and the many ways the company gives back to the community.

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