Ep. 18 How Murals Bring People Together: A Conversation with Bryan Snyder

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Would you ever like to paint a mural? On this episode of the Carlsbad People, Purpose, and Impact Podcast, Bret Schanzenbach spoke with Brian Snyder, the creative director of Snyder Art and Design. He has spearheaded a variety of projects in the city of Carlsbad, including the new Alley Art Wall, which will be the city’s first Recreation Mural Space—a dedicated area for aspiring muralists of all ages to practice their technique and nurture their passion for art.

Carlsbad-raised and San Francisco-trained, Bryan Snyder is passionate about using art to bring people together, celebrate life, and spark creativity. Whether it is creating an art wall for local artists, establishing a space so people can express themselves creatively, or learning new artistic mediums to celebrate people’s lives, Bryan is ready and willing to serve those in the community with intentionality, brilliance, and innovation. In this conversation, Bryan and Bret talk about the various projects Bryan has done in the Carlsbad area and the exciting new path he is taking as he seeks to merge his love for art with his passion for teaching kids.

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