May 31, 2022

Ep. 40 Strengthening Companies in Changing Work Environments feat. Kate Mood & Susette Hill

Ep. 40 Strengthening Companies in Changing Work Environments feat. Kate Mood & Susette Hill

How do companies stay on schedule and ensure they have a cohesive company culture when they change locations?

How do companies stay on schedule and ensure they have a cohesive company culture when they change locations?

Co-founders Kate Mood and Susette Hill are here to share how their company, Dynamic Space Solutions, overcome the unique obstacles when a company moves and strengthens the company culture through their individualized approach to their employees.

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How do businesses maintain their outcomes and ensure their employees have everything that they need when they move to a new location? Well, in this episode of the Carlsbad People, Purpose, and Impact Podcast, the co-founders of Dynamic Space Solutions provide answers for how companies can maintain their impact and strengthen their team during a change in their work environment—whether it’s a cross-country move, or a move to a virtual workspace.

Dynamic Space Solutions was founded by three friends: Susette Hill, Stephanie Rosalee, and Kate Mood. As a remote company, they understand the challenges and triumphs of a virtual work environment. Their insights allow them to successfully help organizations and companies move across the United States or just across town, as they care for every detail so that their client’s work does not undergo unanticipated interruptions and their client’s employees’ needs are met. This personal approach is part of what sets Dynamic Space Solutions apart and is a testament to why they were awarded the 2021 CBAD “Best Place to Work” Award.

If you want to be inspired and learn how Dynamic Space Solutions combats the unique challenges involved in a company move, creates a connected remote company culture, and is committed to taking care of their clients and employees alike, you’ll definitely want to listen to this episode!

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Kate Mood and Susette Hill


Susette Hill, Stephanie Rosalee and Kate Mood co-founded Dynamic Space Solutions and we are proudly celebrating our 20th year!

We began our entrepreneurship through recognizing that as businesses resize and or relocate, there is often a need for resources to help bridge rapidly changing circumstances. These include the speed of change in business, construction changes, vendors and resources, personnel changes, lead times and deadlines. At the heart of this change and the most important are the people - from those that work with us, to our clients, their employees, families and the many businesses and communities we all serve.

When it comes to resizing space or relocating, there is much for a business to consider in addition to keeping day-to-day business functioning at full steam. We bring a breadth of experience, but there is always something to learn and share. Our first effort is to learn about the critical business needs and then dive into our experience to offer creative solutions that minimize downtime and pave the way for a smooth transition. Our work is alongside clients with cutting edge technologies and ideas that in turn gives us the opportunity to grow and offer fresh ideas and approaches to support the "people part" of business in providing communications and change management to engage the employee experience.

A key point with Dynamic is that we do not have a "brick and mortar" location which gives us great flexibility in being able to be on site with our clients or working remotely. We found that we were ahead of our time as Covid restrictions came along because we were fully equipped and experienced in working remotely or on site as essential workers. We have also been able to help guide companies through their Work From Home and back to site processes. The workplace is certainly changing and we have been able to be in front and alongside.

Our history is that we were pulled together by a common interest in aviation and began building Dynamic. As partners, we have been able to support each other and our employees through their life experiences too. We have had pivotal experiences that have helped to develop Dynamic into a stronger version of itself. An example is that early on in the history of Dynamic, Kate's sister became seriously ill. Together we tried a new style in managing while Kate worked remotely with key employees on site with our clients. It helped us grow our management skills and it helped provide growth opportunities for our employees that have continued to this day. It also taught us that its okay be transparent with our life challenges and to know we are backed by a team. Our team members have had their own challenges and triumphs and we have been able to be flexible in our scheduling and support for families and individuals.

Over half our employees have been with us over 10 years and we are growing a strong team that is coming up through mentorship and experience. We are always open to change, because that's really the core of our business. As we bring this core system to our clients, they know they can count on us to have redundancy in our coverage and to bring a positive attitude to our work. We really do love what we do!!