May 3, 2022

Ep. 37 Building Bitchin’ Sauce feat. Amanda Miles

Ep. 37 Building Bitchin’ Sauce feat. Amanda Miles

In this episode, Bitchin’ Sauce Chief of Staff Amanda Miles shares how the company was founded, the ways they give back to the community, and what’s cooking in the Bitchin’ Sauce kitchen.

Bitchin’ Sauce Chief of Staff Amanda Miles talks about how the business began, the ways they give back to the community, and their upcoming sauces.

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On this episode of the Carlsbad People, Purpose, and Impact Podcast, Bret Schanzenbach speaks with Bitchin’ Sauce Chief of Staff Amanda Miles. She shares how the company began, the incredible volunteer opportunities they offer their employees, the ways they’ve expanded nationwide, and new recipes straight from the Bitchin’ Sauce kitchen.

The original 2010 Bitchin’ Sauce recipe was humble and simple: husband and wife duo Starr and L.A. Edwards, a $200 gift card, a used blender from Craig’s List, and a passion for making delicious food. They started selling the Bitchin’ Sauce Starr made at the Carlsbad Farmers’ Market and quickly realized that they had an incredible business opportunity at their fingertips. 12 years later, they have grown their company to over 85 employees, offer on-site childcare for all of their employees, and sell their sauce nationwide. Not only are they thriving as a company, they also give back to the local community with dedicated Volunteer Time Off every Friday. Certainly, Bitchin’ Sauce is deserving of their 2021 CBAD Business of the Year Award, as well as their many Specialty Food Association sofi™ Awards in the Salsa and Dip category. In this conversation, Amanda shares the backstory of Bitchin’ Sauce, their new flavors and snack options, and the ways they continually give back to the community.

If you want to taste what all the buzz is about, you can purchase a tub of Bitchin’ Sauce at Whole Foods, Costco, Sprouts, Albertsons, or online!

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