Dec. 7, 2021

Ep. 22 Minimizing Threats & Increasing Security with Sentir Global’s CEO, Lee Wakefield

Ep. 22 Minimizing Threats & Increasing Security with Sentir Global’s CEO, Lee Wakefield

Lee Wakefield, Sentir Global.

Recently, the CEO of Sentir Global, Lee Wakefield, joined Bret Schanzenbach on the Carlsbad People, Purpose, and Impact Podcast.

Lee’s military service has taken him all over the world, including Norway, Afghanistan, and Iraq. After serving in both the Army and the Marines, Lee decided to start his own security organization in order to equip service members, local governments, schools, churches, and businesses to proactively combat threats by reading nonverbal behavioral cues.

Lee holds training sessions and speaks all over the world. In light of the recent events in Afghanistan, many of the people he trained are being targeted by the Taliban. Now, he is focused on getting them out. In this conversation, Lee talks about his military background, how he utilized his training to build Sentir Global, and what the company is doing to create a safer world.

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Lee WakefieldProfile Photo

Lee Wakefield

CEO, Sentir Global Inc.

Lee Wakefield is a retired U.S. Marine Corps officer with over 23 years serving in logistics, intelligence and operational environments.
He served over six years working at the American Embassy, Oslo, Norway and developed a unique understanding of European economic, political and defense related issues. He speaks Norwegian, understands Swedish and Danish and has traveled extensively in Europe and Asia. Lee worked for several years training US Marines on observation and surveillance systems prior to the Marine’s deployments.
He has earned two separate bachelors degrees and a master’s degree in Anti-terrorism and Homeland Security from San Diego State University. Lee’s graduate thesis entailed threat recognition and threat awareness for use in the security arena.
He started Sentir Global four years ago to offer specific scientific-based universal non-verbal behavioral threat detection research and training to international customs officers and border guard officers. Sentir Global also has focused closer to home by partnering with leading edge training and academic institutions to develop a series of courses and workshops specifically targeting the type of threats faced in schools, government organizations and the business environment. This training is geared to offer individuals Enhanced Critical Thinking Skill-Sets and to identify threats before they materialize – Left of Boom.