Oct. 4, 2021

Helping People Where They Are with Guide My Finances Director, Josh Mazur

Recently, Bret Schanzenbach was joined by Josh Mazur on the Carlsbad People, Purpose, and Impact Podcast. Josh is the director of business development for the financial consulting company, Guide My Finances, and the chairman-elect of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Not only does he have a deep understanding of the business world, he also has a passion for serving the community. In this conversation, Bret and Josh talk about what led Josh to be a part of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce and how the Chamber will be honoring businesses and individuals throughout the community at the upcoming CBAD Awards.

Serving the Community Through Guide My Finances & Beyond

Josh Mazur has a diverse background. He is a licensed general contractor, as well as a real estate broker. He graduated from college with a degree in database management, but he could not get a job in that field, because businesses were looking for people who had much more experience. Nevertheless, after going from website sales to recruiting medical device professionals, he settled into software consulting where he spent 15 years helping organizations set up their data silos.

”We would help them manage contacts [and] inventory. We worked with large clients that had a very odd software setup and helped them understand what the software was designed to do… It really gave me some great insight into what organizations were working well and the commonalities among them. I mean, you've got organizations that have 10 people that are totally fragmented and working in different directions. And then you've got groups that are the same size that are just drilled in, dialed in, [and] know what to do.”

Armed with this experience, he decided to apply his knowledge to the real estate world. “It kind of blended into the strategy with Guide My Finances,” Josh says. “We have a lot of clients that come to us for investment advice and one of the areas in their portfolio that they're interested in is real estate.”

Josh and his wife, Jackie, work together at Guide My Finances, a financial consulting company where his wife is the President. “We've been told that we're a power couple,” he proudly admits. “It's a good blend of me just letting her do her thing, her letting me do my thing. And I think that really what creates such a great partnership is that we've got relatively realistic expectations of what the other person wants to accomplish and kind of let them do their thing and just support them any way that we can.”

Certainly, Josh is passionate about using his knowledge to help others, which is why he is so involved in the community. While he was working with a productive computing company in San Marcos, he recognized they needed a Chamber presence, so he joined Carlsbad Chamber’s Technology Committee. As he became more and more involved, he was soon asked to join the board of directors and chair other committees. His answer to the Chamber was always “Yes,” and this spirit of service is what positioned him to be the chairman-elect for the Chamber’s Board of Directors.

CBAD: The Carlsbad Business Achievement and Distinction Awards

The Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce exists to be the unified voice of businesses. In fact, one of the main reasons why Josh become so impassioned to serve with the Chamber was when he heard Bret share the 3 C’s of their purpose statement:

  • Being a Catalyst for Growth
  • Being a Convener for Leaders to Get Things Done
  • Being a Champion for a Thriving Community

On October 14th, the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce will hold the CBAD Awards, which highlights businesses that incorporate these tenets. There are multiple awards given to businesses and people, including the “Business of the Year,” “Best Place to Work,” “Local Community Impact,” “Regional Community Impact,” “Innovator of the Year,” and “Nonprofit of the Year” awards. There are also educational awards to teachers and principals, as well as awards to first responders, police officers, and the fire department.

Are you interested in attending the CBAD Awards? Sign up by clicking on one of the links below!

Interview Links

Attend the CBAD Awards: https://carlsbad.org/cbad-awards-2021 

Find out more about Guide My Finances: http://www.guidemyfinances.com 

Contact Josh Mazur: ruzam2@hotmail.com 

Find out more about the Chamber: https://carlsbad.org 


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