Oct. 26, 2021

Financial Knowledge is Power with Wells Fargo VP, Chafic Rouhana

Wouldn’t we all like to know more about how to handle our finances? Click on the link below to hear the Vice President and District Manager of the San Diego Region of Wells Fargo share how the bank focuses on putting its customers first.

Recently, on the Carlsbad People, Purpose, and Impact Podcast, Bret Schanzenbach spoke with Chafic Rouhana, the Vice President and District Manager of the San Diego Region of Wells Fargo. He has been with Wells Fargo for almost two decades, and also serves on the Board of Directors for the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. Chafic and Bret talk about what led him to join Wells Fargo, what makes the bank different from other banks, and how the bank helps small business owners, as well as those in under-served communities, successfully achieve their financial goals.

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An Immigrant’s Story: Chafic’s Journey From Mexico to California

Chafic was born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico. Due to NAFTA, his father had the opportunity to move to the United States to import his goods and services, so Chafic and his family immigrated to Texas when he was 14. After attending college in Texas, he visited a friend in San Diego for the holidays and soon fell in love with the city. “I was hooked over a weekend,” Chafic recalls.

He moved to San Diego where he worked in the hospitality industry before moving to Barcelona, Spain, to attain his MBA. Upon graduating, he moved back to San Diego and found an opportunity to join Wells Fargo as a personal banker. When Wells Fargo acquired Wachovia in 2008, they took employees from the West Coast to work in their East Coast branches. Although Chafic loved San Diego and resisted moving to the East Coast for a few years, he knew he couldn’t pass up the opportunity. He was recruited to the New Jersey branch, just a few miles away from New York City. Although the commitment was only supposed to last for two years, Chafic ended up staying in New Jersey for 8 years until he moved back to San Diego in late 2019.

What Makes Wells Fargo Different

Wells Fargo was originally established during the California gold rush, which explains their huge presence in the West. However, through various mergers, Wells Fargo now has the most branches of any bank in the United States. The bank serves approximately 70 million customers, which means it is the bank of choice for one out of every three households. Because many people are switching to mobile banking—which Wells Fargo offers through their mobile app—the bank is committed to providing accessibility and convenience for every customer, both in-person and online.

Through their physical locations, one of the most special things about Wells Fargo is that they are able to provide a personal connection with each client. They can have financial conversations and ensure that their clients can move forward with financial confidence. People can meet with bankers and tellers in person to discuss their specific needs and ask questions. Certainly, person-to-person contact adds immeasurable value to any industry.

In addition to their physical locations, Wells Fargo offers their clients convenience through their mobile app, which they have recently upgraded. Now, the app includes a feature for mobile deposits and offers Zelle, which is a safe way to immediately transfer funds between bank accounts, major banks, and credit unions.

Certainly, Wells Fargo’s mission to serve its clients is evident. Not only does the bank offer programs so that those in under-served communities can own their own homes, it is also recognized as a preferred lender by the Small Business Association. This means the bank can do its own underwriting, which makes it an incredible resource for small business owners. “Small businesses… keep America going,” Chafic says. “That’s the heart of [the] American economy.”

Small businesses, in the particular, have been hit hard by the COVID pandemic. In response, Wells Fargo not only helps people navigate PPP loans, it has also instituted the Open for Business Fund, which provides grants for non-profits that help small businesses. Currently, due to this fund, small businesses in San Diego can still find funding through various nonprofits, such as LISC San Diego, Southwestern College, the California Women’s Business Center Network, and the International Rescue Committee San Diego.

Interview Links

Learn more about Wells Fargo: https://www.wellsfargo.com/.

Reach out to Chafic Rouhana: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chafic-rouhana-67ba0a1.

Check out Wells Fargo’s resources for small businesses: https://www.wellsfargo.com/biz/.

Find out about Wells Fargo’s opportunities for homeowners: https://www.wellsfargo.com/mortgage/?linkLoc=fn.


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